Neighbors living in fear as Metro Police search for 12 year old’s killer

(Fox 17 News)

Parents in the Hillview Acres Mobile Home Park are holding their children tighter after Metro police say a 12 year old girl was murdered in her family’s mobile home Thursday.

“A child in the safest place, where she's supposed to feel the safest, murdered," Goodlettsville mom Sarah Vaughn said. “I can't fathom having to bury my child at any age.”

Sarah Vaughn says she spent half of her childhood living in the mobile home park.

“Now it's going to be very hard for me to allow my son to be playing in the backyard even if I'm there,” says Sarah Vaughn. “I could look away 5 seconds and you just don't know what's going to happen.”

Metro police are searching for the person responsible for murdering 12 year old Yhoana Arteaga inside her mobile home while investigators say she had been home alone with a leg injury from roller skating.

Investigators say Yhoana’s mother talked to her at 5:30 Thursday evening and her mother and other family members found her dead at 6:45 p.m.

“ I hope whoever is responsible is brought to justice because she deserves that,” says Sarah Vaughn.

Randall Butler’s been living in Hillview Acres for 11 years.

“It's got me upset. I mean I couldn't sleep last night because of it,” says Goodlettsville resident Randall Butler. “I've got 6 grandchildren. My oldest granddaughter is 14. So you know I couldn't imagine how the family's feeling right now. It's just unthinkable. You wouldn't nothing like that would happen out here.”

Butler and other neighbors say the area is usually very quiet.

“My son and his girlfriend said they saw some man walking out when they were leaving yesterday,” says Randall Butler. “He said he didn't look out of place but he hadn't ever seen him before. I told him well you need to go talk to the police and tell them what you saw it might be a lead, who knows!”

Metro police are asking people to call them right away if they see a suspicious person in the area of Old Dickerson Pike around Hillview Acres Mobile Home Park in Goodlettsville.

Detectives are pursuing a limited number of leads.

“Just pray. Seek God. God will guide them. That's all I can say. That's what I’ve been doing,” says Randall Butler. “Praying that hopefully they catch the person responsible.”

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