Nashville woman describes waking up to stranger eating snacks in her house


A woman in Old Hickory said she woke up to a stranger in her house this week, who ate her food and left a mess.

Holly Hills lives in the Rayon City neighborhood of Old Hickory.

"I was sleeping," Hills said. "Me and my dogs laying in bed. I felt somebody come in my room. I looked over my shoulder, and I saw the shadow of him standing in my bedroom."

Metro police said 48-year-old Roger Sutton got into Hills’ home on Wednesday through an unlocked door. Police said while inside, he ate her food before standing silently in her bedroom.

“I was like what is that," Hill said. "He bolted out of my room quickly so I got up put my shoes on, put my glasses on because I can't see anything without that. I walked through my house, and my house was a mess; stuff scattered all over, candy wrappers, granola wrappers, all kinds of stuff everywhere."

Metro police arrested Roger Sutton on charges of aggravated burglary.

"He was in my bedroom, and it could have ended really badly," Hills said. "He could have attacked me. I've got knives in my kitchen."

Hills said she's still uneasy.

"It's made me extremely cautious," Hills said. "We lock the door constantly. I try to avoid being alone now. I don't sleep all night anymore. It makes me nervous. Every time I hear a noise, I'm looking around; what is it?"

Hills said the experience has made her go about her life differently.

"I'm locking the door constantly," Hills said. "I lock my bedroom door. I make sure I'm not alone. I have a baseball bat next to bed now. It's scary. You change the way you live and look at people."


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