Nashville neighbors file lawsuit to stop tiny home community for homeless


Opponents of a planned homeless tiny home community in Glencliff filed a lawsuit Monday aimed to stop the project.

That lawsuit includes Brenda Photivihok and more than a dozen neighbors who live near the planned 22-unit community on the Glencliff United Methodist Church property.

Photivihok worries the community will bring property value loss and crime to the area where her mother has lived since 1973.

"When that goes in, I'm gonna be scared to go to Kroger," Photivihok said. "Do what I need to do run out and leave her because all it would take is a knock on the door and if I'm not here what then?"

Last May, the Glencliff United Methodist Church received a religious zoning exception to put the tiny homes on the property even though an unrelated organization called Open Table Nashville will be running the project.

Following that meeting, Valerie Stringer said helping the homeless is part of the church's mission.

"It's something we decided as a church and started talking about really before Open Table got involve," Stringer said.

Plaintiffs in the lawsuit argue the church never should have received that exception because the entire thing is a 'project of Open Table, not the Church.'

"They're two separate entities," Photivihok said. "They're not one entity."

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