Nashville parents adjust ecplise plans as Metro Schools plan to have classes


The Metro Nashville School Board votes to change their calendar to keep students in class on the day of the total solar eclipse.

Students will be off school September 1 instead of the original plan of August 21.

The school district said students with plans already made can miss school and have an excused absence. School board member Tyese Hunter said they're still determining whether teachers can also have excused absences for their eclipse plans.

John Trotwood Middle School student Owen Smith said he's looking forward for this rare event.

"I'm excited, and this event doesn't really come very often," Owen said. "This is passing directly over Nashville and Middle Tennessee area. I think that's going to be fun to watch and get a better view."

Owen's mom Ellen Smith said their family has had plans for a while to watch the eclipse in Clarksville.

"I had already planned to take him out of school that day whether it was unexcused or not," Smith said. "I felt like just educationally we could talk about it and be there as a family."

The school district is in the planning stages for total solar eclipse day. Reps said they hope to let parents know more details before the start of school August 7.

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