Nashville Mayor unveils three-year transportation plan

(Kaldari / Wikipedia/MGN Online)

Mayor Megan Barry unveiled on Wednesday a three-year action plan to improve transportation in Nashville. The plan details improvements specifically in transit improvement, pedestrian and biker safety, maintenance improvements, and “smart-city” technology. The plan, “Moving the Music City,” details goals including:

• Improving bus service with MTA’s nMotion plan. “nMotion charts a detailed path for making transit in Nashville a more convenient and viable option,” said Steve Bland, CEO of Nashville MTA. Larger scale changes include creating a prioritize space for transit on streets as well as the advancement of long-term projects like rail through initiating design work. More immediately the plan includes increased access to bus service as well as making connections to stops safer for pedestrians.

• Decreasing vehicle crashes through a traffic safety program called Vision Zero. There will be an increased focus on pedestrian safety as well as assisting neighborhoods and the Metro-Nashville Police Department.

• Increasing the safety and desirability of walking and bicycling by creating a bikeway network and removing construction zones. “A unified, more people-friendly approach to mobility can make a dramatic contribution to sustainably and equitably accommodating growth. Public Works is proud to assist Mayor Barry and the citizens of Nashville with charting new directions for our city's transportation system,” said Mark Sturtevant, Interim Director of Metro Public Works.

• Increasing data collection to and creating new technology to advocate car-sharing and “smart” parking.

• Adding a Division of Transportation within Metro Public Works with the goal of increasing capacity to make positive change.

Mayor Barry said “this Action Agenda will serve as an important guide for Metro’s hard-working transportation professionals. These are folks who are committed to completing our streets and ensuring Nashville’s transportation system is efficient, humane, and supportive of our larger goals for improving health and air quality, creating jobs, and preserving our strong and diverse neighborhoods.”

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