Nashville man disputes $3,000 Metro Water Services bill


NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A Nashville man says he received a bill for more than $3,000 from Metro Water Services.

According to Devin Hataway, if he doesn't pay the "past due balance from over a decade ago, his water will be shut off. Aside from the high amount, Hataway says the address that belongs to the overdue balance is one that he never even lived at.

The 28-year-old homeowner says he received a notice in the mail in April at his new Madison home.

Hataway says, "I got a postcard in the mail saying my past due balance would be transferred to my current water bill. I now owe, Metro Water a total of $3,074. 25."

Another recent notice from MWS says his water will be shut off this week, unless he pays.

"When I reached out to Metro, the address in question I never even lived at. They had no statements available to view. Anything that would support this outrageous debt was on their old system and no longer accessible. All I have is my bill and letter for them to turn off my water.

According to Hataway, MWS reps told him over the phone that the overdue amount is from a 2nd Avenue address that accrued over 6 months in August 2008 to early 2009. He says, one Metro employee told him that the city had written off the debt in 2011, but it resurfaced this year.

Hataway says, "$2,800 of it alone was charged in a single month, even if it was my debt, even if it was $3,000 , we're looking at nearly a decade old. To shut off my water is just infuriating. I have never seen it on my credit, I've never had an issue with it. If I did, I never would've been able to buy my beautiful, new house. I am being bullied and threatened for my water. I pay my taxes and my bill. I just need answers and I am really trying to do it outside the courtroom."

Fox 17 reached out to Metro Water Services for comment. MWS says it will look into the matter on Monday. We will update this story with the department's response.

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