Nashville Hotel Fire Update: 'There was no power, so there was no fire alarm'

Comfort Suites on Percy Priest Drive is hit by lightning on Saturday.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- New information tonight on the hotel fire caused by lightning this weekend. Many guests said they did not hear fire alarms to warn them. The owners spoke with Fox 17 today.

Comfort Suites remains closed Sunday afternoon off Stewarts Ferry Pike. Crews are cleaning up, after lightning came down Saturday morning.

Yesterday on scene witnesses explained their experiences.

Guest, Ozzy Ramirez says, " I wasn't scared at first, but when I came out and saw the flames..I knew it was real because I could've been still up there because I was on the top floor"

Other guests say, "Heard the sound, we were like right under the fire."

Guest, Phyllis Woodruff says, " I was really surprised, because I am a handicap person and had to go down the stairs and when I came out and turned around the whole top half of the building was on fire. The power had gone out and my granddaughter said she had just gotten shocked by her phone charger."

NFD Commander William Swann says, "It was a lightning strike that caused the fire."

While the Nashville Fire Department confirms that Mother Nature is to blame, others are wondering if the same can be said for the fire alarms.

"There was smoke everywhere, but there was no fire alarm. "

"People should know there is a fire alarm to count on when something is going on."

With guests expressing their concerns on Saturday, Fox 17 spoke with the hotel owner today. Sam Zaveri is traveling back to Nashville to assess the damage. According to the Fox Hospitality Inc. the property owner, the hotel manager told him staff did pull the alarm. Right now, they are most thankful that no one is injured from the fire.

Guest, Woodruff on scene yesterday said, "There was no power, so there was no fire alarm. So a lot of the people staying at the hotel were running through the hotel knocking on doors, trying to make sure everybody had gotten out and it just seemed like everybody was pulling together."

The Comfort Suites independent franchise in Nashville says its working with insurance and fire investigators. According to the owner, the actual blaze impact is minimal (about two rooms and the roof mainly.) Water damage throughout the building though, could keep the building closed for several weeks as repairs are made.

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