Nashville Bike Week claims event will happen after venues fall through


Nashville Bike Week said this week that Opryland and the local camping grounds both pulled out of the event slated for September.

The stages are set but there's nowhere to party. That's the claim from Nashville Bike Week.

The event has been promoted since 2015, but less than four months out every venue reportedly scheduled has fallen through.

In a Facebook post, NBW said it's been reaching out to venues and working with a civil rights attorney after Opryland pulled out. NBW claims they have a signed contract and want to pursue legal action.

"As of Today due to Opryland Hotel and the Campground being harassed they Both have pulled out. Nashville Bike week has met with attorneys today and The Bands, Entertainment, staging, Vendors have been paid or paid in full. Which leads to option 1 let the Haters win and File Bankruptcy and everyone loses. Option 2 -Get us a place to throw this party! Option 3- Take legal hard against all parties involved ruining this event. We chose 2 and 3 ! We have figured out the permits as long as we don't camp anymore than 5,000 on site over 18 hours we are good to go."

Event organizer Mike Axle has been saying since March that the event is moving forward. That's when the Loretta Lynn Ranch cut ties with Nashville Bike Week claiming it didn't pay.

Nashville Bike Week has scrambled to find other places to party. As of Wednesday, there's no new venue announced. The group's Facebook page said it will be issues daily updates.

Axle hasn't replied to messages from Fox 17 as of Wednesday night.

Meanwhile, ticket holders are coming from across the country for the 10-day September event. Many others wanting their money back were told "no refunds."

Nashville Attorney Jim Higgins said though ticket holders would have a chance winning in a class action lawsuit, they probably wouldn't get any money back if the event goes belly-up.

Nashville Bike Week says on its Facebook page there will be a venue, claiming "politics" won't be attached to the next one.

Higgins advises in the future to get tickets to events through a recognized, respected broker like Ticketmaster or Live Nation-- not directly from event websites.

The BBB put Nashville Bike Week on its misleading advertising list and claims the event responded to questions about complaints with an expletive message.

"In fact, the company specifically said" F*** O***!!! You're not even a government affiliation shut the f*** up and quit emailing us or I'll get you for harassment," said the BBB on its webpage.

Last week, Fox 17 spoke to a group warning people about the event. They believe Axle has already received more than a million dollars in ticket sales.

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