Murfreesboro veteran burns Titans jersey over anthem protests

(Photo: Courtesy of James Horn/Youtube).

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A military vet goes from avid Tennessee Titans fan to cutting ties with the team over anthem protests.

Even though anthem protests weren't as wide spread across the NFL this Sunday, there are still some fans who are losing all interest in a sport they used to love.

”NFL, that’s like baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie, NFL’s part of that, to be an NFL fan is being part of an American,” Jim Horn said.

Jim Horn, 65, served in the military for 36 years -- he's been in 12 war zones and 106 countries, he retired as a Senior Master SGT in the United States Air Force.

For Horn, football has always been a part of his life, so much so he would host Super Bowl parties at his house, “We would host Super Bowl parties on Sunday nights and there would be a crowd of guys here, a man night, and when the Super Bowl would start they would play the National Anthem, everybody would stop, that’s just the way it is, the conversation would stop, most of them would stand at attention right here, most military guys anyway,” Horn said.

Last week when the Titans decided to stay in the locker room last week -- it frustrated Horn to a point of no return, “So at that point I said I’m done with this, if they won’t stand for the flag I won’t be standing for them,” Horn said.

So on Friday Horn burned all of his NFL Titans gear, first by ripping off his jersey and throwing it into the fire,”I have to eat, I have to sleep, I have to breathe, I have to pay taxes, but I don’t have to put up with the NFL,” Horn said.

But not everyone agrees, last week FOX 17 spoke with a number of fans outside the Titans team store, who were on both sides of the issue- some of them said NFL players should be free to protest how and where they want to, "I did notice it while I was at the game and like I said it comes down to freedom and NFL players are allowed to do what they want" Courtney Aucoin said.

“The flag stands alone, the flag stands by itself, the flag doesn’t discriminate, the flag stands for everybody, everyone,” Horn said.

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