Murfreesboro neighbors not surprised by overnight robbery, cite increase in crime


Nightmares became reality for one Murfreesboro family, whose daughter woke up screaming after finding an intruder in her doorway.

The family lives on South Kings Highway in Murfreesboro and told police that's not the first time 31-year-old Christopher Carlton has broke into their home.

Neighbors said the story doesn't really surprise them.

"We had a stabbing here a couple houses down, a couple robberies two streets over, a couple of Meth busts back there," said neighbor Andrew Davis, "It's not sleepy at all. It's like when we go to bed all the riff raff is out at night."

Carlton, who is homeless, is now behind bars and facing several charges including aggravated burglary, auto burglary, theft, and evading arrest.

According to a report, he ate food in the kitchen, took the family's car and left. Police finally caught up to him at the Experience Church parking lot.

Some neighbors said they've seen an increase in criminal activity in the area and are now taking their safety into their own hands.

"We just make sure everybody has their guns ready, where they can get to them if needed," said Anthony Davey, who also lives nearby. "We've done everything we can do. We have lights that stay on all night, flood lights, and I have security cameras. We've done everything we can."

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