MTSU Poll: Trump Tops GOP Voters But Many Undecided, Clinton Leads Dems

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--A new poll from Middle Tennessee State University shows among GOP voters, Donald Trump holds a lead over Ted Cruz, but many Republican voters are still undecided.

33% of GOP voters surveyed said they wanted to see Trump win, with 17% naming Cruz as their choice. 28% are still undecided as to who they want to win.

Independent voters also favored Trump, 26% saying they would like to see him win. Bernie Sanders was second among Independents with 10% wanting to see him win. 30% were undecided.

Among all voters in the state, 25% named Trump as the candidate they would least like to see as president.

Among Democrats, Hillary Clinton leads Bernie Sanders, but her disapproval ratings among Tennesseans is the highest among candidates in both parties. However, 50% of all voters in Tennessee say Clinton is the candidate they least want to see as president.

Clinton is strong among Democrats, with 47% saying she's the candidate they most want to see in office.

Despite Trump's lead, 65% of Republican voters favor or strongly favor Trump, but 60% also said they would support Cruz or Carson as well.

Not surprisingly, Trump liked what the MTSU poll found...

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