Mid-state man who has lost 500 lbs. in need of skin removal surgery

Justin Warren has lost 500 pounds since 2009.

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Justin Warren has done something few others have: dropped 500 pounds in two years.

Peaking at 750 pounds back in 2009, FOX 17 went along for his weight loss journey as he underwent gastric bypass surgery and got down to about 250 pounds.

But there's some excess baggage he just can't get rid of.

"It's been a mental struggle to wake up and look in the mirror and be reminded of that pain and that trauma and that struggle of that weight,” explains Warren, "It literally feels like bags of cement along my mid area and my legs it's literally 75 pounds of skin that's just there.”

Justin's left with so much stretched out skin, he can't find clothes that fit and he doesn't feel comfortable doing things like hitting the beach with his girlfriend.

"Mostly it's the way he carries himself with this excess skin you can see he struggles,” says Elizabeth McCusker, “He's not in the right body basically, his movements aren’t as fluid as he would like for them to be.”

Despite being promised skin removal surgery post operation, Justin was deemed no longer eligible for his insurance policy and was dropped from it.

Now almost eight years since his transformation, he still can't afford the $30,000 price tag.

"This is not something a cream, or balm, or wraps, or any of that can fix. The elasticity of my skin was stretched for so long that that's just how it is.”

A fundraiser, 'Battling Obesity: Take This Skin' , has been set up to help Justin.

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