MDHA updates plans for 40 new affordable town homes in Bordeaux


The Metro Development and Housing Agency laid out updated plans for 40 new town homes in Bordeaux at a community meeting Wednesday night.

Around 50 people living in Bordeaux gathered at the Bordeaux Branch of the Nashville Public Library to learn more about MDHA’s proposed two and three-bedroom town homes.

Metro Councilman Nick Leonardo says this type of development is much needed in Bordeaux.

“We are behind the times," Leonardo said. "Maybe 40 years behind in the Bordeaux area, and we would like to see the kind of development we're seeing in other parts of Nashville. The kind of developments that attract families and also the kind of developments that create jobs and raise the average median income. The challenge is to not only get the density you need to attract the Publix, to attract these other large box stores, but you also want the kind of density that's not going to concentrate poverty.”

The town homes would meet the need for workforce housing with monthly rent at $1300 for the smaller units and $1900 for the larger units.

They’d be built in a 5.5 acre area just south of County Hospital Road in the Bordeaux Redevelopment District.

Nona Buchanan and her children just moved to Bordeaux from St. Louis five months ago.

“I like it," Buchanan said. "It's close to the schools. They go to nice schools over here and day cares. I moved here for a change. Since I've been here, there's no housing and I'm trying so hard.”

Buchanan said she’s living with her sister while she tries to find a home and is pleased to hear plans for new town homes.

“I'm hoping and praying that we find somewhere to stay that we stay in this community and it's a better, safe place for us,” Buchanan said.

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