Man Resists Arrest, Threatens Officer's Family

Tory Sanders--Metro PD

*EDITOR'S NOTE 5/12/17: As noted above, this story was published in February 2016.*

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A traffic stop on Northview Avenue ended with a Metro police officer fearing for his family's safety.

Tory Sanders was pulled over by police on Friday after running a stop sign. When confronted by the officer, Sanders allegedly became increasingly aggressive while resisting arrest.

Responding officers discovered that Sanders, who allegedly "smelled heavily of marijuana," was driving on a revoked license.

While attempting to arrest Sanders, he allegedly pulled away from officers, kicked and dented their vehicle, and spat at them, hitting one officer in the face.

Sanders continued on to allegedly threaten an officer's family multiple times saying, "I'm going to put a hit out on you and your family."

Sanders faces charges of vandalism, possession, and various counts of assault.

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