Man details traffic stop with Officer Lippert that caused 8-day suspension


A few blocks away from where Metro Police Officer Joshua Lippert pulled over Jocques Clemmons last Friday is the site of another traffic stop where he faced questions.

That October 2015 stop caused Lippert to be suspended eight days for what the department ruled "poor judgement" after forcefully removing Deanton Gipson from his vehicle of South 4th.

"Whether it was racially motivated or what I really can't state," Gipson said. "He definitely overreacted."

That stop began when Lippert pulled Gipson over for turning into the wrong lane. In police interviews after the stop, Lippert claimed he became concerned by the time of night and after reviewing Gipson's juvenile aggravated assault history that involved allegations of choking.

Lippert told investigators he fears being choked.

"If people touch my neck I'll lose it," said Lippert in police Records.

Lippert told investigators he asked Gipson to step out of the vehicle so it could be searched in a safer manner. Gipson refused.

"I told 'em at that point I did not give them consent to search my vehicle and that I wanted a supervisor," Gipson said. "I felt having their manager on the scene I guess I felt better everything would go smoothly."

Officer Lippert told investigators he didn't wait for a supervisor to remove Gipson for safety reasons.

"The rush was for my safety," said Lippert.

With the help of other officer, Lippert tried to pull Gipson from the vehicle through an open door, but Gipson resisted. Gipson told Fox 17 News he eventually consented to getting out on his own, but he said police slammed him on the ground and later on the car.

Officer Lippert denies slamming Gipson. Gipson said because of the experience he wasn't surprise to learn Officer Lippert was involved in a shooting last Friday.

That case followed a traffic stop with Jocques Clemmons.

Surveillance video from Friday's shooting shows the two men engaging in a scuffle. Then Officer Lippert shot Clemmons after he said Clemmons refused to drop a handgun.

"It's definitely not surprising to see the same person who mistreated me could've definitely mistreated someone else" said Gipson.

The eight-day suspension is the longest in Officer Lippert's file.

He also has several commendations including the department's Lifesaving Award in 2014 when he saved a woman's life at Bridgestone Arena by performing CPR.

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