Local radio personalities back on the air after escaping Las Vegas massacre

(Fox 17 News)

Sirius XM radio hosts Buzz Brainard and Storme Warren are on the air for the first time since escaping the deadly mass shooting in Las Vegas.

The Franklin residents took cover as shots rang out at the Route 91 Harvest Festival.

Radio host Buzz Brainard says his Music Row Happy Hour would be a healing hour on Friday.

“We are country music. We are family. We come out for natural disasters. We come out for charity. We come out for everything. Our artists, our fans and everybody, if anybody can get through this we can,” Brainard said.

The Sirius XM team got separated when the shooting started.

Buzz says he and his son took cover under a bus as bullets bounced off the ground kicking up dust around them.

Host Storme Warren says he was to the right of the stage watching Jason Aldean perform when shots began to rain down. He says the he’ll never forget the disturbing images of the people laying in a field once the gunfire stopped.

“The amount of people caring people to safety or wherever they could. I can't say enough about the humanity that followed that event,” Warren said.

On Friday, the hosts share a toast and a moment of silence with their live audience at Margaritville on Broadway in Downtown Nashville.

Sirius XM team members flew to Nashville to be part of the first live broadcast since the Las Vegas tragedy.

Sirius XM is also raising money for victims of the shooting and their families.

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