Lightning hits west Nashville home during storms


NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Lightning strikes a home in west Nashville, sparking a fire.

Everyone's safe, but the ordeal left neighbors pretty shook up.

"It sounded like an absolute bomb went off," says John Clayton.

"It literally shook every window and door frame in our house."

The bolt hit the upper level of a home across the street from Clayton's, on Murphy Road in between 37th and 38th Ave.

Fire crews immediately responded, and were able to contain the flames to the upstairs.

"Most of the damage is in the upstairs unit, or upstairs apartment," says Metro Nashville District Fire Chief Greg Spring.

"The lower level, I dont believe sustained any damage. The firefighters went in there and did a great job, made a great stop."

But it was a few good Samaritans across the street that are the real heroes.

When they saw what happened, the kind neighbors went over to make sure the elderly couple living inside was okay.

"They had no idea their house was on fire until the neighbors came and said 'hey we can see some smoke coming out of your house, you need to get out,'" says Clayton.

"That's just a blessing. I mean, it's really fortunate. It was an elderly couple, for their neighbors to come over and let them know their house was on fire thats a blessing," adds District Chief Spring.

Murphy Road was shut down between 37th and 38th Avenue while crews responded, it reopened around 4:15 p.m. Sunday.

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