Legislators File Complaint Against Mt. Juliet Representative For Passing out Muslim DVD

DVD handed out by Representative Susan Lynn - Mt. Juliet (WZTV)

Several legislators have filed a complaint against State Representative Susan Lynn of Mt. Juliet for distributing a DVD they deemed offensive and anti-Muslim.

The DVD cover says, "America's Mosques Exposed! Video Evidence they are War Factories."

"This DVD so clearly discriminates against anyone and leaves the impression that every mosque is a war factory," Representative John Ray Clemmons said.

Susan Lynn told FOX 17 she gave DVDs to the Tennessee General Assembly on behalf of her constituent Pastor Louie Johnston Jr.

"The question is does a citizen have the right to hand out materials that they would like to give to legislators and they do?" Lynn said.

Lynn said she did not watch the DVD beforehand.

"I didn't view the material ahead of time," Lynn said.

Pastor Louie Johnston told FOX 17 he is a friend of Susan Lynn's husband. He said he gave the DVDs to Lynn to give as a gift to lawmakers. Johnston told FOX 17 Tennessee Lawmakers need to watch the video.

"There's no hate here if you saw my [DVD] introduction," Johnston said. "This is truth being spoken in love."

Advocates for Tennessee Muslims are disappointed in Lynn's decision.

"Especially for her as an elected official," Paul Galloway said, Executive Director for the American Center for Outreach. "She is someone who is empowered and to try to hide behind the first amendment and claim freedom of speech as if elected officials aren't held to a higher standard of being accurate with data driven information."


NASHVILLE, Tenn.--Several legislators have filed a complaint against State Representative Susan Lynn of Mt. Juliet.

Representatives John Ray Clemmons, Barbara Cooper and Johnnie Turner are among the legislators filing a Workplace Discrimination, Harassment and Creation of Hostile Work Environment complaint against Lynn for passing out what they consider an anti-Muslim DVD.

Lynn passed a DVD titled "America's Mosques Exposed! Video Evidence They Are War Factories" to all members of the General Assembly. The DVD has been met with criticism leading to the filing.

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