'Justice for Jocques' march blocks Broadway intersection

The 'Justice for Jocques' march blocked a Broadway intersection Tuesday night.

Organizers brought the group together in response to the deadly officer-involved shooting Friday night that killed 31-year-old Jocques Clemmons.

“He didn't deserve to be dead, because he ran a stop sign," said Jahlani Smothers-Pugh from Gideon’s Army. "We're human beings, we're human beings, and we deserve every right that every other citizen in America has.”

WARNING: Videos are of live situations and may have strong language.

The Facebook page for the march reads:

"Mayor Megan Barry and Metro Nashville Police Department have prided themselves in saying that Nashville, the "It City", is not like other cities blatantly ignoring the cries of black Nashville residents saying that Nashville is no different. It's been WAY too quiet in Nashville in response to Jocques' murder. It's time to turn up in the city and say until we get justice there will be NO PEACE."

The march began at the corner of 6th & Shelby Avenue, across the street from where Clemmons was shot. The group began with a moment of silence followed by a remembrance of Clemmons.

"Too many people gathered here today have been saying for entirely too long that Nashville is one bullet away from a hashtag," said one organizer. "And here we are."

“All we're asking for from Megan Barry and the Chief of Police is to make sure the officer gets more than a ten day suspension," Spanky Edwards said. "Because of his history, he deserves to be fired, we want him on trial and to eventually be behind bars.”

The group then marched through Nashville to City Hall, crossing the pedestrian bridge.

The crowd blocked the intersection of 3rd Street and Broadway with the crowd chanting "justice for Jocques." The group made a circle around the intersection, held a moment of silence for Clemmons and chanted.

Metro Police monitored the march throughout the evening.

Police reported the marchers left the courthouse, moving along the Woodland Street Bridge.

As of about 8 p.m., the march was still ongoing.

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