Judge to order TBI investigation into Jocques Clemmons shooting be made public

(Metro Police/WZTV)

A Nashville judge will order the TBI investigation into the deadly shooting of Jocques Clemmons to be made public.

In court documents filed Friday, the judge has ordered District Attorney Glenn Funk's office to give the court a date when the necessary redactions will be taken from the investigation. Funk's office has until Monday to come up with a date.

A previous hearing for May 22 has been removed from the docket. Court documents filed say the hearing is no longer needed for various reasons, including that there is no pending criminal prosecution and the disclosure of the report is consistent with public policy declared by the Legislature.

Portions, like Social Security numbers, driver's license numbers and other information need to be redacted before the file can be made public.

After receiving a date from Funk's office, the court will in turn set a date that the TBI investigation will be posted to the DA's website for 30 days. After 30 days, the file will be removed from the website.

Clemmons was shot to death near Cayce Homes on Feb. 10 by Metro Officer Josh Lippert. Lippert is not facing criminal charges in the case, per the DA's office.

Read the judge's memorandum below or click here to read on mobile:

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