Jocques Clemmons' family seeks charges in his death

(Photo provided by Clemmons' family)

The findings of the reports by Metro and the TBI haven't been made public but many in the public have their minds made up.

"It's time to quit sugarcoating and protecting these officers that are wrong. I'm not saying all cops are bad but they need to weed out the bad ones so the good ones can stand out," said Lee.

District Attorney Glen Funk says he's asked the TBI to conduct an additional follow up investigation.

His office says a team of Assistant District Attorneys will review the final reports and Funk will make the final decision on whether or not to seek an inducement against officer Lippert.

It’s been two months since a Metro Police officer shot and killed Jocques Clemmons and his family is demanding action.

Clemmons mother says the officer who killed her son should be dismissed and charged with wrongful death.

At the Nashville Chapter of the NAACP, the demands for justice haven't stopped.

"This is about a young man that was murdered that was killed, shot in the back by the police department," said Chauncey Moore.

Sheila Lee says her pain hasn't stopped.

"Me and my son were connected and can't nobody take that nobody. Officer Lippert took that from me and my life has changed dramatically and it hurts me to my core," said Lee.

Lee's Son, Jocques Clemmons died after being shot by Metro Police Officer Josh Lippert.

Police say Lippert shot Clemmons as he ran away because he'd refused to drop a handgun that fell from his waist during an altercation.

State Representative, Brenda Gilmore says the problem began long before that confrontation.

"The root of the problem is that police officer should never have been over there in the very beginning. He had a background and a pattern of aggressive behavior. He had been suspended numerous times for the same kinds of incident which was being too aggressive and assertive to young black men," said Gilmore.

After two months the Clemmons Family Attorney, Michael Hoskins is demanding action.

"We're calling on the office of professional accountability to properly discipline officer Lippert. I believe he should be terminated. As far as justice for the wrongful death of Jocques Clemmons we believe that officer Lippert should be charged," said Hoskins.

Lippert had been disciplined twice in five years for excessive force.

The Metro Police Department continued its own investigation into the shooting after the District Attorney asked the TBI to take over.

"I want Metro to stand out of the way and let TBI do everything they have to do. If Metro can't do it how can I trust them," said Clemmons Cousin, Walter Patterson.


Family of a man shot and killed by a Metro Nashville Police officer gave emotional testimony as they joined NAACP in expressing their concerns with the case.

Jocques Clemmons was shot by Officer Josh Lippert after allegedly running a stop sign near Cayce Homes in February. The TBI has turned over its shooting investigation to the District Attorney’s office, which is still considering the next steps.

But on Tuesday, Clemmons family and NAACP leaders spoke to the media and said they believe Lippert should be charged for the wrongful death of Clemmons.

“Me and my son were connected and can't nobody take that, nobody,” Clemmons’ mom, Sheila Lee, said. “Officer Lippert took that from me and my life has changed dramatically, and it hurts me to my core.”

Lee said the day she son died was devastating, and the pain has not subsided.

“When he passed away I already knew it,” Lee said. “When I got to the hospital just by the way the people were standing around they kept putting me off. I kept saying just ‘tell me, I already know’ because I felt it in my heart.”

The family’s lawyer, Michael Hopkins, said they are going to the Office of Professional Accountability to properly discipline Lippert.

“I believe he should be terminated,” Hopkins said. “As far as justice for the wrongful death of Jocques Clemmons, we believe that officer Lippert should be charged. We believe that it was at the very least negligent homicide and excessive use of force.”

Meanwhile, President of the NAACP Nashville chapter Ludye Wallace said they are looking for more accountability amid investigations by the MNPD and TBI.

“The police department and the TBI they had a conflict like a turf war,” Wallace said. “If you're both doing the right thing and you're both have the same goal and objective is to investigate and get all the facts was accomplished.”

The shooting has brought up a renewed call for police body cameras, which MNPD Chief Steve Anderson has asked for in next year’s budget.

“The body cameras are going to protect the officer, they're going to protect the citizens everybody's going to be more accountable if you have the cameras,” Wallace said.

District Attorney Glenn Funk’s office is continuing to work with the TBI and have asked them to do some follow-up to their investigation. This process could take at least two weeks.

"The decision on whether or not to seek an indictment in this case rests with District Attorney Glenn Funk. From the beginning, General Funk has brought in a diverse group of Assistant DAs to assist and provide additional perspective regarding the investigation. This group includes Deputy District Attorney Roger Moore, Deputy District Attorney Amy Hunter, and Assistant DAs Ed Ryan, Byron Pugh and Marcus Floyd.

The reports from the TBI and MNPD are voluminous and include witness statements and videos, all of which will take time to thoroughly review.

At the request of the DA’s Office, the TBI is currently conducting follow up investigation. Once all information has been gathered, a decision will be made." - Statement from DA's office

The TBI's investigation has not yet been made public.

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