Hutton Hotel enhances security measures after breach

Hutton Hotel enhances security measures after breach. PHOTO: WZTV-FOX Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--The Hutton Hotel is warning customers about a data breech that may have compromised the credit card information of thousands of guests.

The Hotel is working with police to determine how malware was installed to capture information on its payment processing system.

Hutton Hotel says the breach included names, credit card numbers, verification codes and expiration dates for customers between September 2012 through April of 2015.

Nashville Tourist, Jack McKeehan says, "its unsettling for sure especially if you travel even at home. You try to take the precautionary measures the best you can check your bank statements."

Other hotel chains and department stores have been hit by similar data breaches but it’s unusual for a problem to go undetected for nearly three years.

Many travelers say they’ve been the victim of credit card fraud or theft.

Haley Young says, "my bank canceled my card. They got my credit card information from Target that's where that happened."

In an age where more people use credit cards than cash, it’s easy for cyber thieves to get your information.

Traveler, Jerry Tuggle has this advice, “I personally use one card. It doesn't have a high limit on it, that's the only card I use out in places once a month. It's been breached once but I don't stand to lose a lot when that happens.”

Hutton Hotel says it’s using enhanced security measures and cooperating with police.

They’re urging customers who may have been impacted by the data breach to report fraudulent activity and check their credit reports.

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