Hurricane Harvey brings back memories for Hurricane Katrina survivor living in Nashville


Hurricane Harvey is bringing back some painful memories for those who survived Hurricane Katrina 12 years ago.

Nashville's Heidi Van Alsdorf is one of those survivors.

"It was an experience I would hope never experience again," said Van Alsdorf.

Van Alsdorf said she fled her home near New Orleans before the hurricane hit in 2005 and found shelter with her sister in Nashville.

At least 900 families received help in Middle Tennessee following Hurricane Katrina.

Van Alsdorf returned to Louisiana 10 days later and found something unforgettable.

"The smell of entering New Orleans was awful" Van Alsdorf said. "You just wouldn't imagine; is this some kind of war zone?"

Van Alsdorf said not only did her home have damage, but her employer's location suffered so much from the storm it relocated.

That's why she decided to move too. She came back to Nashville only to be a part of the historic flood 5 years later.

Coming through two major floods, Van Alsdorf is paying close attention to Hurricane Harvey.

She has a few bits of advice for the people in its path.

"Take care of yourself," Van Alsdorf said. "Really take care of yourself and rely on the support system you have with family in a new community."

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