Group claims Stephens Valley developer basically tried to bribe school board


Williamson County Schools says, Stephens Valley owner and developer is taking a $1.2 million offer off the table now for Franklin High School athletic facility improvements. John Rochford proposed the idea this week to the school board as a donation. Fox 17's Mikayla Lewis explains some residents and board members concerns with the catch.

The Citizens for Old Natchez Trace said in a release, "John Rochford, the developer of Stephens Valley, the mega density subdivision approved at the west end of Sneed Road, is basically trying to bribe the Williamson County School Board with an offer to pay 1.2 million for enhancements at Franklin High School to secure Grassland/Franklin High School zoning for his controversial 871 house subdivision.

Feb. 27, 2016: Concerned citizens in Franklin rally to stop proposed mega subdivision

May 22, 2016: Fight to Save Stephens Valley Continues

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