Greer Stadium proposals sealed until after contract decision


Proposals to redevelop Greer Stadium are as closed off to the public ahead of any Metro Council decisions.

The Metro Finance Department said the proposals will only be open to the public after the intent to award the contract is announced, which is in accordance with state law.

For the last three years, neighbors like Brian hood walk past shattered windows, trash in the stands, and weeds in the outfield instead of a ballpark or a new development.

"It's ugly and it's a waste of space," Hood said. "It's a waste of very good space actually."

Metro Council Member Colby Sledge said where Greer Stadium once drew thousands of baseball fans is now drawing crime.

"Greer stadium right now is a mess," Sledge said. "It has been vacant for the last three years. Some vandals have gotten in the last few months."

Over the last year, neighbors have heard a few ideas tossed around like a minor league soccer stadium or a tennis facility.

Another option, is the Nashville Adventure Park. Developers say it would featuring amphitheater, indoor sportsplex, offices, condos and affordable housing.

"We believe that this could be the gem for us in Nashville," said Devinder Sandhu, in an interview with Fox 17 last month.

While some developers shared their ideas with the news outlets, other proposals being considered will remain sealed.

"That's just to protect bidders when they bid for a contract," Sledge said. "It helps protect their sort of internal company details; maybe their rates, things like that."

The review committee is narrowing the list down.

"We're expecting a recommendation from them soon," Sledge said.

Neighbors said they hope to hear something soon, even if they aren't quite sure what to expect.

Sedge said whenever the information is made available to the public, he expects a series of community input meetings.

The Metro Council and the Metro Parks Board will have to approve any development projects.

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