Autopsy: 12-year-old was murdered inside Goodlettsville mobile home


Metro Police are now calling the death of a 12 year old in Goodlettsville a murder.

Investigators say Yhoana Arteaga died after staying home from school Thursday. The autopsy shows Arteaga suffered from trauma unrelated to gunfire or laceration/stabbing.

Police say Yhoana's Mom had lunch with her around 12:30 p.m. and last communicated her daughter around 5:30 p.m. Thursday. The young girl was found dead by her mom and other family members at 6:45 p.m.

Detectives are actively pursuing the limited number of leads developed and the investigation is ongoing.

Next door neighbor, Sheila Gentry didn't see her neighbors often but says they're nice people.

"They're good people. They're quiet people kept to themselves most of the time," Gentry said.

It’s why residents are shocked by the death Yhoana Arteaga, who attended Liberty Collegiate.

"Don't know if maybe they tried to break into their house and she was there and startled them. I don't know what happened. It doesn't make sense to me," Gentry said.

Police say the 12 year old died under suspicious circumstances an an autopsy confirms that she was murdered inside the mobile home Thursday night.

Longtime residents of Hillview Acres can't believe the news.

"I went down there last night when I saw all the action going on and got all kinds of stories to start with, nobody knew what was going on," Terry Fox said.

"Kind of an old fashion neighborhood where you can trust., I know a lot of the neighbors here it's the kind where you watch my place I'll watch your place when we're gone so it is shocking especially it being a child," said Candice Gillespie.

Crime scene experts processed the mobile home for evidence Thursday night and Friday. The MNPD Crime Lab will test the evidence.

"I hope they get closure. They'll never be the same again they may go on but they'll never be the same I hope they find a certain amount of peace," said Gillespie.

Anyone seeing a suspicious person in or near the 1229 Old Dickerson Pike mobile home park, or anyone with information regarding the person who killed Yhoana Arteaga is asked to immediately contact the Emergency Communications Center at 615-862-8600 or Crime Stoppers at 615-742-7463.

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