Ginseng hunter who found remains gets emotional on Day 3 of the Holly Bobo trial

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The man who found Holly Bobo’s remains three years after her disappearance got emotional in court on Wednesday when testifying about his discovery.

Wednesday marked day three of the trial against Zach Adams, who is accused of kidnapping, raping and murdering Bobo. The nursing student disappeared in 2011, but her remains weren’t found for another three years by a man who was looking for ginseng.

Ernest “Larry” Scott teared up as he told the courtroom about finding the skull, and speculating as to whom it could belong to.

Scott said he was in the woods near the Benton/Decatur County line on Sept. 7, 2014 searching for ginseng with his cousin. Scott said he found a series of ginseng plants which took him to what would become his final searching spot.

After finding the remains, Scott said it took him three tries to call to his cousin because he was so shaken at the time.

Benton County and Decatur County sheriff’s offices and TBI responded to the scene.

TBI Special Agent Laura Hodge followed the testimony and went through items found next to the skull, including two purses, lipstick, pens, pencils and other items.

Hodge also testified to finding more remains, including teeth and ribs found just off County Corner Road, less than 12 miles from the Bobo home.

Day 3 Testimony

John Graves

John Graves, who owns a tree service in Decatur County, testified in court that he found a lunchbox with the letter "H" embroidered on it while out four-wheeling.

During cross examination, the defense tried to introduce a statement from Graves' then 5-year-old son regarding the case, which the judge did not allow.

Gerald Stephens

Gerald Stephens operates a family farm in Henderson County. Stephens testified to finding a pair of pink underwear.

It was later discovered that the underwear was found near Shayne Austin's house. Austin, a friend of Adams' who was interviewed by investigators and was once considered an important witness in Bobo's killing, committed suicide in Florida in February 2015.

Ednesha Brasher

Ednesha Brasher testified to finding a SIM card believed to have belonged to Holly Bobo. Brasher, who knew Holly's brother Clint as a co-worker at a nursing home, said she made the discovery on May 3, 2011. Brasher said she went for a bike ride with her 10-year-old brother and engaged in a game of "I spy."

Brasher's little brother spotted the SIM card while playing the game along Camden Road in Decatur County. Brasher took it home, put it in her phone and listened to voicemails. She believed it belonged to Holly and later met with Holly's family with the card.

Emily Suzanne Pratt

Suzanne Pratt, related by marriage to the Bobo family and classmate of Holly's, testified about finding a phone on the Easter Sunday following the kidnapping.

Pratt said church goers were told to go look for Holly that day when she came across a phone that looked like one she had previously used which belonged to Holly.

Pratt also talked about the day Holly disappeared. The two both had a test to take, which the teacher tried to delay to wait for Holly. Following the test, the instructor broke the news to the nursing students.

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