Gideon's Army hosts 'Driving While Black' event

A Nashville police watchdog group met Thursday to discuss the next steps following their “Driving While Black” report.

Gideon's Army released its 'Driving While Black' report last October. The report said police are more likely to pull over African Americans than whites, especially in low-income neighborhoods.

Thursday's meeting revisited the findings from the report.

The group’s founder, Rasheedat Fetuga, said she’s not satisfied with the response after presenting these findings to Metro Council.

"The reaction to the report really has been to dismiss our findings and to also excuse the racial profiling,” Fetuga said.

Metro Police responded to the report in early January. Police Commander Terrence Graves told Metro Council his officers see a traffic violation and stop whoever is in the car. Graves also said his officers are receiving bias training to ensure that stays the case.

He also responded to the report's allegation police are purposely targeting communities of color for extra enforcement, saying police are actually targeting the areas where the most crimes are reported.

"It's really a smarter way to use resources we have instead of just coming to work and driving around and stumbling on something," said Graves.

Fetuga said demonstrations surrounding the fatal police-involved shooting of Jocques Clemons highlight the need for better relations between police and the African American community. She hoped tonight’s meeting will get more people involved in efforts to hold police accountable.

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