Former patients claim Nashville psychiatrist made sexual advances during sessions


Two former patients, who are also rape victims, made disturbing claims against a Nashville psychiatrist on Thursday.

One woman said the doctor made harassing phone calls, when she refused his sexual advances.

Mable Pleasure said turning to an anxiety and depression clinic for help made her depression worse.

"The thing he would keep asking me was to recount the abuse without getting graphic," Pleasure said. "The abuse; he kept asking me to repeat those over and over and over again. That's when I noticed every time he would be aroused."

She filed a complaint with the state against the therapist and his anxiety and depression clinic on Charlotte Avenue.

Another former patient, Tray Simmons, makes a similar claim against the same doctor.

"Asking me to go to the massage parlor, asking me for sex, and then became aroused in the session and began to touch himself," Simmons said. "By that point I was stuck in shock trying to come out of there."

Simmons' lawsuit accuses the psychiatrist of pressuring Simmons into going to a massage parlor with him.

"The calls they were getting more and more aggressive, and it scared me," Simmons said.

An attorney for the doctor and the clinic said the case is without merit and will be vigorously defended in court.

The former patients said the case isn't about money, and they refuse to live in shame.

"It's not about finances for me," Simmons said. "I paid my bill. It's about being a good person. Somebody out there maybe experiencing the same thing, going through the same thing."

"If he's done it to me he's done it to others," Pleasure said. "I didn't file a lawsuit like Tray, but I know what I saw experienced was real."

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