FERRIER FILES: Native animals suffer as Nashville grows


Last year, Walden’s Puddle Animal Rehabilitation Hospital took in a record 4,000 animals.

“It is very busy-it’s like an ER every day,” said Elisa Fosco, Animal Care Director. "We are very dynamic emergency environment, but at the same time we are also a nursery as well as a recovery center for our traumatized and injured victims."

This is a big undertaking for Walden's Puddle. They take almost every native wild animal from the majestic bald eagle to the lowly possum. The facility treats every life is treated as precious.

“A lot of people say let nature take its course, but the fact that we already took out all the trees and added power lines and interstates-nature stopped at that point," Fosco said. "Our role is to try to give the animals a second chance that were displaced because of us."

It is expensive work too. The hospital operates on a budget around $400,000 a year and growing because more animals are coming in every year.

“When I came in with my team seven years ago, intake was 1100 animals," said CEO Lane Brody. "Now we are at 4,000, and can’t handle the financial stress."

Walden's Puddle discovered that growing Nashville is squeezing wildlife out, and they are trying to save every animal they can.

Growth isn’t all bad though. The hospital hopes to get more business partners to help expand their facility and add staffing and services.

“We are constantly looking for people to support us on a regular basis," Brody said. "The monthly donors are so important to us, but we need to stretch out. We are looking for some businesses that would like to partner with us."

Anyone intersted in helping Walden's Puddle can go to their website or send a check to Walden’s Puddle P.O BOX 641 Joelton, TN, 37080-0641.

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