FERRIER FILES: Unlikely teen hero saves Tennessee nurse from choking


Everybody loves a hero story, but they're even better when the hero is so unlikely.

Rocky Daron has cerebral palsy. He lives in his wheelchair and has the use of just one arm.

Nevertheless when his nurse started choking at his RHA health services rehab home in Madison, Rocky jumped out of his wheelchair.

“I come out of the room I look to my right and I see rocky running," said. "He is behind Contina Cowan performing the Heimlich."

“Rocky already had me tight and he shook me, squeezing me, yelling cough ,cough ,cough, and it came on up and i was like thank you Jesus," Cowan said. "I couldn’t breathe and I thought is this it."

It turns out Rocky had been watching Youtube videos of how to perform the Heimlich maneuver.

Everyone here is surprised, but not his dad Ken Daron, a Hickman County Sheriffs' deputy.

"He doesn't let his disability stop him," Daron said. "He tries to do everything like anyone else."

Daron said his son Rocky is a regular teenage boy juts like anyone else.

He watches videos," Daron said. "He ties up pamphlets with his one good hand, but most of all he has the heart of a lion."

Cowan bought matching superman shirts for herself and Rocky. She already loved the teenager with the big smile, but his actions filled her with more love and appreciation for Rocky.

“Rocky you know you are a hero,” Cowan said.

Rocky smiled.

The smile said it all.

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