FERRIER FILES: Tiny Tennessee town boasts big game with 3 state baseball championships


A small Tennessee town is putting itself on the map with a series of baseball and softball successes, and coaches say the parents are the key.

Summertown, Tennessee. Population; a little over 3,000 people.

It's hard to believe that a town this small in Lawrence County has three state champion little league teams.

That is the story; the 7-8 year old boys, the 7-8 year girls, and the 11-12 year old girls.

All three teams dominated and walked away with Youth Dixie League state titles.

"The parents are the secret," Summertown Pony Tails Manager Jon Campbell said. "These kids start so young. Their parents play with them in the yard, and then they just keep playing."

The Pony Tails, coached by Campbell, outscored opponents 132 to 4. That is domination you don't see anywhere.

The Summertown boys who simply call themselves "Tennessee," had much closer matches.

"We are very big on fundamentals," said Brent Blackwood, manager and local 1st grade teacher. "These kids buy in, and then they see the results."

The team is a coach's dream playing defense at a level you would see in a high school game.

"Its a big ball town," Blackwood said. "Big ball town we love to be in."

The Summertown Darlings have won the state three years in a row, which is pretty amazing by any standards.

The community buys in as well. The three teams have more than 100 sponsors.

"People are still coming up to us saying how can we help," Campbell said. "It is pretty special.

The three teams play for Dixie Youth championships this weekend in different states.

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