FERRIER FILES: Social media post helps Tennessee family adopt a paw-paw


It all started with a post in Hip Bellevue.

Addalyn's mom Elizabeth Sexton was wondering; does anybody know where I can adopt a paw paw, a pop, or grandfather?

Her post caught the eye of John Pugh. He's the executive director of the Lodge at Natchez Trace, an assisted living and memory care facility in Bellevue.

“So I just sent her a message back; we have paw-paws available, give me a call,” Pugh said.

The next thing you know 3-year-old Addalyn was on her way to meet her new grandpa, 93-year-old James Luna.

The two hit it off.

“She has big black eyes like Muscadine’s, and she loves to give hugs,” Luna said. "I have written out prayers for her, and I hope to help her grow up to be a good Christian girl.”

Addalyn adores Mr. Luna and tells everyone he is cute.

John Pugh said there is a big lesson here.

“I made the meeting happen, but the rest is personal one-on-one contact-- sitting in a lap, giving a hug ," Pugh said. "Eye-to-eye, a 3 year old and a 93 year old, creating something magical that no internet can do."

Since the post, the Lodge at Natchez Trace has received more inquiries for Paw-Paws.

“Bring 'em on,” Pugh laughed. "We have lots of good ones."

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