FERRIER FILES: Meet the rapping, former pro boxer, middle Tennessee deputy


Hickman County Sheriff's deputy Ken Daron isn’t the kind of officer you would expect to find in rural Tennessee.

He is an Italian-American with a thick Brooklyn accent. He grew up, became a professional boxer and even appeared in episodes of Miami Vice.

“I fell in love with small town Tennessee," Daron said. "The people are so friendly. You really get to know everyone. I still have the dream of building a log cabin on a big piece of property.”

You can catch Deputy Daron rolling a truck tire up steep hills in Centerville.

As a kid he loved strong men and wanted to become one. Even now, he tailors his workouts around large objects.

What is most surprising is that Officer Daron; he's a rapper.

“The concept was bridging the gap between law enforcement and young people," Daron said. "I'm not a robot. I enjoy the same music you enjoy, and it has worked."

He has produced several rap music videos.

"Kids will come up to me and say 'you are the rapping police officer. I have seen your stuff. Its cool'," Daron said.

You can find Daron’s work on Youtube.

“I don’t know anybody on music row but I have Youtube,” he laughed.

Apparently it works. Daron is a finalist for a reality show in Los Angeles where police officers challenge school kids to rapping contests.

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