FERRIER FILES: LaVergne neighbors say design flaw causes frequent floods


At first glance, you will only see a lovely LaVergne subdivision. Look a little closer, and you start to see evidence that something is wrong, especially when skies start to darken.

“I have a sinking feeling in my stomach that this is going to be another mess,” said homeowner Amanda Horn.

The residents of Pinnacle Point in LaVergne say there neighborhood floods every time it rains because of poor design.

“ It's very aggravating when we spend that much money on a house; a brand new house, a nice place to live,” Tyler Spann said. "Instead we have a big mud pile in our backyard."

Pete Cobbs said this is costing him a fortune.

“I seeded the yard this year and it's gone," Cobb said. "All the mulch in my flower bed is gone. Who pays for it? Me, the homeowner. That's not fair. I have to empty the pool. Who's going to pay for the water to supply it?"

Down the street, Danielle Cox just put in lovely planter borders, and they are all gone. Her garage looks like the bottom of a pond.

“Pictures don't even do it justice," Cox said. "When you come home and you can't even get in your garage and into your house because my daughter couldn't even be carried in the house. She had to be carried."

The homeowners believe that there is ample evidence of design flaw in the drainage system in the neighborhood. They said they have asked Developer Scott Butler to fix the problems many times.

They have also asked the city to make the developer fix the problem. As years go on, more houses are added and the flooding continues.

Fox 17 asked the city of LaVergne to tell us what it's going to do for the residents of Pinnacle Point.

The mayor said he can’t comment because the city is currently suing Scott Butler/Pinnacle Point.

Fox 17 will attach a copy of the lawsuit as soon as it is available.

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