FERRIER FILES: Holly Bobo trial delay suggests important evidence admitted

(WZTV file)

Six years later, it was another bad day for the Bobo family after a judge delayed a trial in their daughter Holly's death.

They steel themselves for a trial that will reveal horrifying facts about their daughter's death, and the trial is delayed this time for two months.

This delay suggests the new gun is a powerful piece of new evidence for the prosecution. To understand how big the gun, here is a timeline of the case so far.

Zach Adams was charged with the rape and murder of Holly bobo three years after her disappearance.

He is not alone. Jason Autry is charged with the murder, and his little brother Dylan is charged with rape.

A fourth man, Shayne Austin was going to be charged but killed himself.

Austin makes a statement. Dylan Adams also made a statement, and it appears the charges are based on these statements.

There had been no body and no murder weapon.

“I think the Bobo case is the great unknown, and because the case is under seal we know very little about it," said Jim Todd, a prominent defense attorney and former prosecutor.

The case has been nothing but difficult. At one point, District Attorney Matt Stowe accused the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation of a poor investigation in a meeting with TBI Director Mark Gwyn.

Offended, Gywn threatens to pull out of the district, but DA Stowe ends up pulling out of the case.

A month later, two Ginseng hunters find Holly Bobo's remains.

Then Jason Autry's lawyer said his client doesn't need a trial date with the assumption that he's cooperating with authorities and going to make a plea.

Around memorial day of this year, a gun is found. This week, that gun is important enough to delay a trial.

What most people don't realize is that whatever Jason Autry told authorities by itself it is not enough to convict Adams.

“We believe we know the case is based on the confession of a co-defendant, and we know you cannot convict someone based solely on a co-defendants statement alone," Todd said. "It has to be corroborated by evidence. What that evidence is we do not know, but if the gun causes a continuance it is probably a key piece of evidence."

Judge C. Creed McGinley postponed the trial of Zachary Adams until Sept. 11 after new evidence was discovered in the case. Jury selection is planned for Sept. 9.

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