FERRIER FILES: Family says viral photo shows true love through all obstacles

(Minister Brent Kelley)

A photo of a Tennessee man feeding his wife a strawberry sundae at Franklin Sonic has been seen by millions of people.

Will and Peggy were married 34 years ago. He was a pastor, and she was a church member.

She loves her grandkids, her dulcimer and visiting nursing homes. She was the natural caregiver, and he was the classic 50s dad.

All that changed five years ago.

"They've had a really tough time," said their son Cannon Mayes. "My mother had a stroke over five years ago. She was the energizer bunny. She was the social person, and everything collapsed. She wasn't there anymore. They have really had to work hard to show love to each other."

Mayes is touched by all the attention the photo has gotten. His stepdad is surprised by it all.

His mom really doesn't understand, but she does know her husband loves her because this picture happens every single day.

Other customers at the Franklin Sonic have been moved enough to snap a picture.

"She feels that," Mayes said. "She can't speak, but she feels it. She loves holding his hand. It’s a special treat to break that routine from that monotony for the past five years."

The wife who cooked and cleaned and took care of her husband now can't do any of that. The classic 50s husband who did none of that struggles with a new role, but not with his feelings.

That's the message the family wants to convey. Love is wonderful. This picture is wonderful, but this isn't easy.

Cannon Mayes has read every comment he could find on their picture.

“One of them that touched me," Mayes said. "It said 'I want to cry and thank God at the same time.' I thought that was perfect. That touches both sides. She knew there was a tragedy behind having a husband getting out of a car, and also this is his way of showing love. We are thankful we can put out the message of love. It doesn't matter your age, you just got to find a way to love."

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