Ferrier Files: A story of true love amid tragedy

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--There are flowers on the table...a cute little bear...even a classic Valentine's card.

Dawn Garcia fell for Brandon Brashear's quickly. They were inseparable, and they still are.

But the truth is Brandon did not give her anything this Valentine's Day....he has bought her nothing for the past 8 years, not since the day he was in an awful car accident.

Doctors said there was a 99 percent likelihood he would remain in a vegetative state for the rest of his life.

They also told Brandon's mom rose to be prepared dawn would leave Brandon. She did not. She is here every day for 8 years, at his bedside.

“I love him, I see Brandon as nothing is wrong with him..and that's what I see he shows me its like something is stuck and hasn't triggered yet, “ said Dawn Garcia.

Brandon's mom also takes care of him, but she is a mom, Mom's are the last to leave, but girlfriends, even those on the verge of marriage. The Shepherd Rehab Center told Rose that these kinds of injuries end 97 percent of all relationships.

“I think it takes a special person lot of courage just got to love that person more than yourself and I think they have shown what true love is eespecially her being here for him,”said Rose Zittrower.

And it has made a difference, Brandon has made progress...small to some people ..miracles here in Kingston Springs.

The heart is tricky business..and even in this house with all this unexpected arrow...Rose found the daughter she always dreamed of. “I love her,” said Rose. “I can’t imagine life without her or Brandon.”

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