Family says 4-month-old Tennessee boy severely burned while in babysitter's care

(Danielle Stover)

(WZTV) - The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is investigating after a 4-month old boy was severely burned while in the care of an adult babysitter in Carroll County.

“I couldn't imagine something happening to my baby, and it was like a nightmare,” Danielle Stover said.

Stover’s son Maddox has third-degree burns from his chest to below his knees and second-degree burns on his face.

She said she left her son Maddox with a trusted babysitter July 27 while she went to work. Later that night, she received a frantic call from the babysitter telling her to meet at the hospital.

“He was barely breathing when she handed me him,” Stover said. “What happened to cause this? Why does my baby have to go through something like this? Why does he have to suffer? My 4-month-old -- why?

Officials said Carroll County District Attorney General Matt Stowe requested TBI Special Agents to investigate the circumstances that led in the 4-month-old boy's severe water burns while being watched by another adult.

“How does a baby get second and third degree burns just on the front side of his body from a bath," Grandmother Tracy Stover said. "I want to take all the pain away from him and make him better. I want to take all the pain off of our daughter. No mother should have to go through this. And for an innocent child to have this done to him, it's wrong."

According to the TBI, the baby was first taken to Baptist Memorial Hospital in Huntingdon, Tenn., before being transferred to Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital in Memphis.

From there, he was flown to Shriner Hospital for Children in Cincinnati, where he continues to be treated for his burn injuries.

Now, the family is asking for justice.

“It's hard to stay strong for him," Danielle Stover said. "I know when he cries he's hurting, and I know there's nothing I can do. No human being at all should have to go through this. And to think about it being a 4 month old. My 4 month old."

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