Experts say don't panic about gas prices, supply despite Harvey's damage

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Harvey temporarily shut down more than a dozen oil refineries in Texas, including the country's largest, but experts say not to worry about prices or gas shortages.

Despite the slight hike in prices, Experts say the supply is fine as long as everyone goes about business as usual.

Auto group AAA said it could be a week before we know the full impact of Harvey, but now is the time to stick to your normal routine and not flood gas stations.

Joe Behrendte is filling up on Wednesday out of necessity.

"I wouldn't have gotten to work had I not gotten gas today," Behrendte said.

The new Nashville resident is spending a few more dollars today, and it's something many across the mid-state will experience with Harvey impacting more than 20 percent of the nation's refining capacity.

In addition to the holiday weekend ahead, AAA said drivers can expect a minimum increase at the pump of 10-30 cents. A

According to psychologist Dr. Kathryn Sherrod, human tendency can let the price hike and refinery impact fuel fears.

"That's when a lot of people panic because they don't know what to do," Sherrod said. "Kind of like a ripple effect."

Despite the current supply being fine, Dr. Sherrod said it's important for motorists to not let fear drive up demand.

"When we believe we're in a situation where there's just not enough, we want to make sure we get ours," Sherrod said. "We want to make sure we're taken care of. You've seen the same thing in winter when they threaten snow when you go to the store and there's no bread and milk suddenly."

"The professionals say to remain calm and don't stock up on gas, then I think people should probably do that and send money and donations to the people down there that are suffering in Texas," Behrendte said.

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