East Nashville community mourns young drummer's untimely death


The East Nashville community is mourning a beloved young drummer Friday night.

The drummer, 28-year-old Ben Eyestone, was prepared to courageously fight colon cancer and died from an infection this week.

Eyestone was originally from Washington, according to friends. His East Nashville family said his upbeat attitude set him apart from other musicians pursuing the dream in Music City.

Whether playing in acts like the Lonely H or Nikki Lane, Eyestone didn't miss a beat behind a set of drums or behind the 5 Spot bar, according to co-owners Travis Collinsworth and Todd Sherwood.

"Ben was an entirely infectious, sweet, hard working, talented, young guy," Collinsworth said. "Always had that smile on his face. Always willing to help out. "

"He played drums, just how drums were supposed to be played," Sherwood said. "He would go on tour here months at a time, but he always had a job here when he came back and he worked hard."

It's harder than Sherwood and Collinsworth could imagine after the young drummer unexpectedly passed away this week.

"It happened so quickly; he found out he had colon cancer after going to doctors for months," Sherwood said. "They just kept putting him on diets that ripped apart his insides. He tried to get a colonoscopy at the beginning of the year, and they scheduled it at the end of August. If they would have just done in, back in February, he would've never had the infection, because he died from the infection not from cancer. So it's just too much to take knowing that it shouldn't have happened."

But his spirit is what's keeping loved ones' spirits up this week.

"We all watched him playing on TV playing drums for late night TV shows," Sherwood said. "He was like the little brother."

"Ben was... is one of the sweetest, kindest, fun loving, mischievous people I've had the pleasure of knowing," Collinsworth said. "He made a mark on so many people around here, not just here but on stage, musician. He packed more into 28 years than most people do in 78 years."

The 5 Spot closed on Wednesday for staff and Eyestone's loved ones to gather in his memory.

The famous venue lost one it's partners, Diane, earlier this year.

A GoFundMe was originally set up to help Eyestone battle cancer, and now donations continue to pour in for arrangements moving forward.

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