Drift spray forces Sumner Co. farm to destroy orchard


Bradley Kountry Acres is a pick-your-own farm in Sumner County.

The farm has drawn people from all over the mid-south for strawberries, blackberries, peaches and pumpkins.

But six years ago the farm was victim of a drift spray. The spray was intended for soybeans, but it was lifted by wind and destroyed the entire crop.

“The legal limit is 10 mph,” said Mike Bradley. "The wind was 13 to 18 [mph] with gusts up to 28. We got it bad."

The entire crop was destroyed, but the Bradley’s never quit. Now six years later the one thing they can’t save is the peach orchard.

The pesticide from the drift spray literally starved the trees to death.

Now the moment they thought would never come was here; the day they had to knock down the peach orchard.

“It is a hard thing and a very bad day,” said Cathy Bradley. "But we are farmers. And farmers will always tell you maybe it will be better next year. We are optimists and we love farming and we are never going to quit."

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