Davidson County explains murder suspect's errored release


A Nashville murder suspect turned himself in after he was released on bond in a system error last week.

According to MNPD, 22-year-old Deion Woodruff was released due to error last Thursday. Woodruff was charged with first-degree murder and aggravated robbery with a 200,000 bond. Woodruff was allowed to post a bond of $56,000 on unrelated drug and weapons charges last week without the murder being taken into account.

Police said the circumstances are under review. A judge has since revoked Woodruff's bond for the murder case.

According to the Davidson County Sheriff's Office, the whole mess comes down to something as simple as a piece of paper.

The Davidson County Sheriff’s Office said it never got the form, called a committal, from the Criminal Court Clerk’s office to hold Woodruff for the murder charges.

"Without that committal, the DCSO had no authority to hold Mr. Woodruff after he posted bond Thursday on weapons and drug charges," said the Sheriff's Office in a statement.

The clerk said its system indicates the sheriff should have gotten the committal, and they don’t know what happened to the piece of paper.

The clerk's office plans to start faxing a copy of the committal to the Sheriff’s office as a backup so the department has two copies, and something like this doesn’t happen again.

“I think the system screwed up somewhere to let him out like that," said Mary Smith, a neighbor of the victim’s family. "If you kill once you'll kill again, that's how I feel about it."

Metro Police are calling it a “system error.” Victim Advocate Verna Wyatt called it terrifying.

“Hearing this story is very frightening, because this guy had serious charges and thankfully he turned himself in but if he hadn't, the family members of the murder victim would have been very outraged,” explains Verna Wyatt of Tennessee Voices for Victims.

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