Cyclist accident on 8th Ave. South renews call for bike lanes

TDOT is conducting a study on 8th Avenue South

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- A cyclist is in critical condition, after a car crash Saturday in Midtown Nashville.

From smashed glass, to mangled tires-- the scene on 8th Avenue South was traumatic.

Nathan Selph lives in the area, and says he saw the whole thing while driving by around 1:30 p.m.

"I noticed a man who was laying in the road, he had a lot of blood on him, he could barely move, he looked like he was trying to get up, and then the bicycle was over here on the sidewalk somewhere," says Selph.

According to Metro Police, the cyclist ran a stop sign on Bass Street and then got hit by a driver on 8th Avenue South.

The driver is safe, the cyclist in critical condition.

Selph says the accident is just another example of why bike lanes are needed on 8th Avenue South.

"I think we owe it to the gentleman, because everyone deserves a degree of safety," says Selph.

And he's not alone, Emily Thompson of All Seasons Gardening on 8th Avenue South is for it, too.

"We do have customers who come on bikes, it would help," says Thompson.

Right now, the Tennessee Department of Transportation is conducting a study on 8th Avenue South on whether to reduce the four lanes of traffic to only two, and add a bike and turn lane.

Not everyone is on board with that idea, signs are already up against it.

At a meeting hosted by Metro Planning and TDOT just last month, more than a hundred residents came out to voice concern.

That study will last through the fall, and then TDOT will make a final decision.

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