Clemmons family hosts vigil, pleads for peace

Standing right by the location where her son died last week, Jocques Clemmons's mother pleaded for peace Thursday night.

"If you wanna honor my son do not tear this city down," Clemmons's mother said.

The plea came during a vigil honoring Clemmons.

He died last week when Metro Officer Josh Lippert opened fire after a traffic stop and physical altercation in the Cayce Homes public housing community. Lippert claimed he fired when Clemmons picked up a handgun that fell from his waistband and refused to drop it.

The case raised tensions with the Police Department and is now creating a major change for how police shootings are investigated.

"Only independent investigations foster the community confidence required for public safety," said District Attorney General Glenn Funk.

Funk said that's why he's handing over the investigation of all Nashville fatal police shootings to the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, beginning with the investigation into Clemmons's death.

Funk said he made the change after spending the last week discussing it with local leaders.

"After a review of the facts, I will make a determination of what charges, if any, will be initiated," said Funk.

The decision doesn't necessarily mean automatic trust in Cayce Homes.

At the vigil, Theeda Murphy told Fox 17 news the change is better but people will remain skeptical.

"I don't think it matters which agency," Murphy said. "People are already suspicious of the integrity of the investigation."

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