Clarksville, Montgomery County officials prepare for winter storm

(Fox 17 News)

Clarksville and Montgomery County officials are preparing for tomorrow’s inclement weather.

Friday morning will be a multi-government agency response with keeping roadways as safe as possible in Montgomery County. The city of Clarksville, Montgomery County, and TDOT will have salt trucks out on several thousand miles of roadways and highways in the region.

The plan right now between the city and county is to have 50 trucks on the roads salting as soon as the rain turns over to frozen precipitation — when it snows, the plows are already mounted and ready to go.

"Our street department personnel will be on duty at 4 a.m. to evaluate the situation and start getting to work,” Clarksville Mayor Kim McMillan said.

The Montgomery County EOC will be open at 2 a.m. to start monitoring the weather as it worsens. City leaders are urging people to stay home and off the roads during this winter weather event.

Monty Fleet with the Montgomery County Highway Department says it’s been sometime since he’s seen snow and ice, but he’s ready.

”We’re trying to be ready," Fleet said. "We always say we’ll be ready. Depends on this ice and stuff. If it brings down trees, we’d have to cut trees first and then clear the roads."

Clarksville-Montgomery County Schools are among dozens of school districts to cancel classes on Friday. Check the full list of closings here.

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