Cayce Homes resident: "I don't trust Metro Police"


Community Leadership, Resources, Faith are seen by community leaders as among the top ways to bridge the gap between James Cayce Homes residents and Metro Nashville Police.

Metro Police have an increased presence in the East Nashville housing community after recent violence. Residents at James Cayce Homes say those added patrols are adding to the tension and distrust.

Jonathan Fitzgerlad is a 19-year-old Cayce Homes resident.

"I don't trust Metro Police," Fitzgerald said. "I don't, I'm sorry, I don't."

Many people who live at Cayce Homes agree with Fitzgerald.

"It's true there's a lot of that going around because of snitching and all that," said a man who asked to remain anonymous.

Cayce Homes has had it's fair share of police involved incidents.

During the spring of last year, a Metro Police officer was attacked while trying to make an arrest on South 7th street.

In February of this year, Metro Officer Josh Lippert shot and killed Jocques Clemmons after a traffic stop. Surveillance video and witness accounts said Clemmons had a gun and resisted arrest.

Early Wednesday morning, a 1-year-old infant accidentally shot himself. Police say the child's mother wouldn't let police in her home without a warrant.

"We have to try and understand why people don't trust city leaders," said Pastor Enoch Fuzz with the Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church.

"There is a solution," Fuzz said. "I talk with police. I'm a friend of police and the community, and one of the things police said to me is 'Reverend help us, let's talk about solutions.'"

Lonnell Matthews is the director of the Mayor's Office of Neighborhoods and Community Engagement. He says one of the solutions is implementing a plan called 'Envision Casey', which will bring in mixed income residents to the neighborhood.

"Healthy communities are all about presenting opportunities, and mixed income communities present an opportunity for someone to live next door to someone to someone who is diverse who looks different from them," Matthews said.

There will be a town hall meeting geared towards bringing the communities like Cayce Homes and police together at the Corinthian Missionary Baptist Church on Saturday at 8:30 a.m.

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