Case of man charged in Nashvilles nurse's murder bound for Grand Jury

Christopher McLawhorn, left, is charged with killing Tiffany Ferguson, right. (Metro Nashville Police/WZTV)

A Grand Jury will now hear the case of a man charged with stabbing a Nashville nurse to death inside her Wedgewood Park apartment.

Christopher McLawhorn, 24, is charged in the murder of Tiffany Ferguson, a 22-year-old ICU nurse who worked at St. Thomas-West.

On Thursday, a judge found probabale cause to send McLawhorn's case to a Grand Jury and set bond at $750,000.

The murder weapon likely came Ferguson's own condo, according to Metro Police Detectives

Police found a knife matching the set inside Ferguson’s apartment, which, evidence photographs show is missing one knife.

Detectives found a trail of her belongings leading away from the apartment and matched surveillance video which they say shows McLawhorn running away.

Police then found her laptop near the knife stained in her blood.

At McLawhorn's Thursday morning hearing, Anthony Chandler described how Ferguson died.

"There were three stab wounds across her chest,” Chandler said. "All three of those went through the ribs and either punctured her lung, her heart or a combination of the two."

A witness later testified McLawhorn admitted to killing someone.

The blood soaked mattress and holes in the blanket suggest Ferguson was stabbed in bed while still in bed, under the covers.

Chad Gish, detective, said digital evidence shows McLawhorn searched for news articles about the attack on his phone the morning Ferguson died, then made other incriminating searches.

Detectives said there were no signs of forced entry on Ferguson's door the morning of the murder.

McLawhorn is charged with criminal homicide, especially aggravated burglary and possession of a controlled substance.

This story will be updated. Look for the full report on Fox 17 News @ 5:30.

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