Brentwood Commissioner explores cost to form independent school district


Fourteen years ago, schools convinced Amy Brothers to move her family to Brentwood.

Now she has two kids in high school there and a third in middle school.

"It's been an awesome place to grow up," Brothers said. "It has been so important to have friends you've known since kindergarten go all the way through with us."

Brothers worries that may not be the case much longer for her youngest child. The family's neighborhood is among those that could be rezoned to deal with overcrowding if county commissioners don't approve expanding Brentwood High and Middle School.

Without expansion, the district would go to Plan B or B1. Both plans would move students in Brentwood Middle School to Grassland Middle in the Franklin High feeder zone and move students from Ravenwood High and its feeder zone to Nolensville.

Plan B would also move students from Brentwood High to Franklin, while B1 would move some Brentwood high students in the eastern part of the city to Ravenwood.

City Commissioner Rhea Little said he's received so many complaints about the plan he's asking for a study on what it would cost for Brentwood to form it's own school district.

It's an option he said he doesn't support but believes the community should know more about.

"I just set this out here to find the truth," Little said. "From the investigation I've done so far, I think it will be a long arduous and expensive process but I don't know all the answers to that."

Superintendent Dr. Mike Looney agreed the change would be costly. He said just buying all the schools alone in Brentwood would take three quarters of a billion dollars.

"It would be an expensive property arduous process and ultimately I think it would cause taxes to go up in Brentwood," Looney said.

Brothers isn't ready to support leaving Williamson County Schools, but she believes there has to be a better way than Plan B or B1.

"It's changing the neighborhood because you're splitting up community," Brothers said.

Both plans would force her son to go to a school that's 10 miles further away.

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