Box truck driver tricked into pulling over becomes victim of aggravated robbery

Timothy Preston and Thelma Travillion, charged with robbing a box truck driver off I-65 in Nashville on Saturday. PHOTO: Metro Nashville Police

NASHVILLE, Tenn.--Two people are behind bars after tricking a truck driver to pull over then pulling off a brazen robbery.

According to arrest affidavits, a man driving a commercial-style box truck along with another occupant on I-65 South Saturday was motioned by another car to pull over. The victim says he thought something was wrong with his truck so he exited on Old Hickory Boulevard to check if the rear doors were open.

That's when the people who flagged him to pull over --identified as Timothy Preston and Thelma Travillion-- also pulled over.

The man says they backed their truck in front of his, attaching it to the truck with a trailer hitch preventing the victims from being able to flee. While Travillion allegedly served as the lookout, Preston allegedly approached the victim with his hand in his pocket and stated he "had a piece."

Preston made the victim open the rear of the truck to see what he was hauling, only to find the victim was transporting used tires. Preston instead robbed the victims of their cell phones and $5.00 in cash. Travillion also allegedly asked one of the victims if all they had was the $5 in cash.

The victims called police who were able to catch up with Preston and Travillion, finding them in a stolen car. Police also found the cell phones which Travillion admitted to taking.

Both Travillion and Preston are facing charges of aggravated robbery x2 and theft of a vehicle.

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